Fixed Wrist Drill – Square Club Face & Correct Shaft Angle

This little drill will fix so many problems related to opening, closing, hinging and flipping the club head during the golf swing. This video assumes you already know the DUPLESSISGOLF setup*.

* If you are unsure about how to setup (precursor for doing this drill), please click here… Ross

4 thoughts on “Fixed Wrist Drill – Square Club Face & Correct Shaft Angle”

  1. Ross,
    I have found something that works for me with the elbows at setup. I bring both elbows close together and turn them to face the hips. Then I pull them back against my upper abdomen. From there I make my swing as you instruct us to do. So instead of feeling that I am pinching the elbows together I get them into a very close setup position this way. The results have been excellent. I use this with all my clubs but the one that has really surprised me is the driver. I initially thought it might not work with it. But the driver seems to be the club that benefits the most from making this setup change. Is this something you have used with your students or seen them use?

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