Month: January 2010

Make your “Template” … then USE YOUR FEET!

I teach my students to establish a “Template” as they prepare to setup to the ball. What I mean, is there are a few essentials to check just prior to approaching the ball. If you do this, you will eliminate many of the reasons your swing breaks down or is inconsistent. 1. Shaft in line

Sit down, don’t bend

You hear me talk about an athletic setup. This position is like any other athlete who is ready (quarterback, guard in basketball, wrestler) balanced, centered with lower body ready. The easiest way to check to see if you are setup athletically is, YOU SHOULD BE ABLE TO EASILY HOVER THE CLUB SLIGHTLY OFF THE GROUND

Setup Essentials – Shoulders LEVEL

Another essential setup issue is, since the back hand is lower on the grip the golfer feels that it is okay to drop the back shoulder lower than the front shoulder…this is a Big Problem.  This kept me struggling for years.  Another reason golfers drop their back shoulder is, it is easier to look at the

The Hands are NOT Repeatable in the golf swing… What is?

Most golfers use their hands during the golf swing. They use their hands on the takeaway… or use their hands to hinge the club… or to try to direct the club on plane … or hit at the ball … or release to point the club at the target. Fact is, the hands are unreliable

Traditional Golf Instruction – Misconceptions

Here are some of the many “Traditional Misconceptions” that are still being taught today: 1.   Setup with your weight on the balls of your feet.– This is out of balance and a weak non-athletic position. The body does not like to be out of balance and will try to “Right” itself during the swing.

How to distribute your “Weight” at Setup in the Golf Swing

The weight at setup is CRITICAL.  The misconception of having the weight on the balls of your feet is a compensation to correct another problem. The correct weight distribution is just like a quarter back or any other athlete… “ATHLETIC”.  What I mean by this is STRAIGHT DOWN as if you were guarding someone in

What’s “New” about this Golf Instruction?

First, I questioned “Traditional Golf Instruction” with my own game.  I would improve one aspect of my swing and it would affect another part (trade-offs).  This is when I realized there are way too many working parts (levers) with how the golf swing is being taught.  The odds of timing all these parts was very high

The “Hands” … the Real Problem

I always felt the “Hands” were the big problem in golf. The hands can move so many different ways. They also can work against each other. But the real “Key” came when I realized if the hands are active during the swing (like trying to release or hit the ball using the hands), the body