Month: May 2011

SHANK? No worries, easy fix!

There is only one reason to Shank the ball (Hit the ball on the shank, or shaft/open face): You rolled the club face open with your hands (on the backswing), and you did not get it back to square by impact! Easy fix!… keep your hands out of the golf swing and let Large Muscles

If you’re gonna “Lay-Up”, “Lay-Up”

Course Management… what’s that? Well, a big part of the battle in golf is making the right decisions. What club to use, what line to choose etc. I was playing with another pro-friend one day and there was a hazard that crossed the fairway about 180 yds. in front of us. I took a club

Resist on the Backswing – A Must for Power and Consistency

In a nut shell… most golfers have no idea that the Lower Body holds or resists on the backswing. This gives the Shoulders something to wind up against to create torque. If the lower body slides towards the back foot on the takeaway, there is no Anchor to wind up against. If you slide, your

Shoulders & Hips Control – Arms, Hands & Club

The Body Rotation swings the Arms through to the finish. The Arms, Hands, & Club go for a ride. The Arms (with passive hands) are brought down thru and past impact all the way to the finish, by the body rotation. The hands and arms NEVER move on their own. There is a constant connection