Fail-safe Putting Routine

One of my students asked me to design a Putting Routine for him. This helped him and will help you.


1. TARGET SPOT: Look past the hole 2′ for level putt, more for an uphill putt or short of the hole for a downhill putt. Once you have your TARGET SPOT, imagine the ball rolling to it and remember this visualization for recall later.
2. GRIP: Grip the putter and lock the back wrist bent in a little. This will have the handle leading the club face.
3. HANG: Let all this “Hang” (Keeping back wrist locked).
4. SPOT: Pick a spot 6″ in front of the ball on a straight target line that compensates for the break (if any)
5. ALIGN: Walk up to the ball with arms hanging, and use your feet to snuggle up to the ball just inside your front foot (club still off the ground), align club face to your 6″ spot and “sit down” . When you look down, you should see the handle on, or slightly ahead of the ball and the club face just behind the ball. Do not touch the ground!
4. PINCH: This is very important: Pinch your knees towards each other and hold tightly for the entire stroke (this take practice).
5. TARGET SPOT: Look at your original spot from #1 and RECALL the ball rolling to get the speed needed for the stroke and think to yourself… “PUSH DOWN, PULL UP*” that will give you the feel for the speed you need.
6. BALL & GO: Look back at the ball AND GO!… PUSH DOWN, PULL UP* without moving your wrists or lower body or head.
7. Once the ball is gone, Look up and enjoy seeing the ball rolling on your line at the speed you needed and the ball going in the hole.

You must practice without any other thoughts. As you internalize these concepts, begin to replace with the “Bold Keywords”. The ritual of the Keywords does not allow any room for non-productive thoughts. You must listen to yourself, trust yourself, trust your routine. The more you practice this the more it will replace the old thoughts… Ross

* Push Down, Pull Up – is using the front shoulder only for your source of power. Push Down (front shoulder pushes down), Pull Up (front shoulder pulls straight up).

Great Question – Real Answer

“Q” Without using the hands and wrists in hitting the ball, will there be a loss of distance compared to the traditional golf swing.

“A” Just the opposite… you get more distance and more controllable distance. This is because of there is more mass moving the ball and the club face is always square (sweet spot). Most golfers don’t realize that when they “Release” (really flip) their wrists at impact, they have cut their radius in half and the club is decelerating AND the body stops rotating for the split second the hands take over (so the body is not helping). When there is no flip, the length of the radius more than doubles because, the radius becomes the entire length of the shaft and the front arm and also connected to the core and all the body rotating… EVERYTHING MOVING THE BALL. This type of impact is very powerful and looks effortless because nothing happens at the ball; everything just continues to accelerate to the finish!… Ross

Hips Pull the Elbows Back Down in Front of the Body, as you KEEP TURNING

Don’t get left behind! That is what happens to the club and arms for many golfers that are learning to turn. They start the downswing correctly by unwinding from ground up but, the body gets ahead and leaves the arms and club trapped behind the back hip. Many times this is because they took the club inside instead of straight back. Here is a simple, powerful answer!

If you use your Hips, to Pull the Elbows Back Down in Front of the Body, as you are turning, you will be in a very powerful position and easily trap the ball, as long as you KEEP TURNING. This is powerful because all of the body is still unwinding and moving the ball together; meaning, the hands and arms are not taking over. The hands and arms remain passive, and let the large muscles control them.

Make sure you don’t cheat by trying to use your hands and arms from the top to get back down… THEY MUST BE PULLED BACK DOWN BY THE ROTATION. Please try this. You’ll be amazed at how solid and straight you’ll hit the ball…