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Impact Leverage – Weak Wrists vs. Bowed Out Front Wrist

This is an idea that I’ve had about “why” a slightly bowed out front wrist at impact, feels so SOLID and powerful… and thought I’d share: Given #1: I’ve mentioned many times, that a solid golf shot at impact, will have the shaft inline with the front arm, leading the club head, and (with my

The Snow Eagle

This is just a fun post of something I thought was kind of cool. Was the middle of winter and it looked like it might snow, but that didn’t keep us off the course. We had just teed it up on #1 when a few flakes started to fall. We didn’t care and teed off.

Before, In and After the Moment

Wow, what’s all that have to do with golf? It is my opinion that, there are 3 types of “focus” or “thinking” needed to perform consistently and develop your golf game. Before, in and after “The Moment”. Before the Moment: The “time” during the off season, or before your round, or between holes, or just

Constant Arm Pressure – Golf Swing

I have mentioned many times over the years, to keep “constant” grip pressure during the entire golf swing. This concept really lets the body take control for a more repeatable swing. I’ve discovered that a certain number of golfers, will keep their grip pressure constant, but through impact, they allow their “arms” to take over

Control the Front Arm for a Consistent Golf Swing

The golf swing is moving so fast, there is no time to “fix” something during the swing. My method looks to remove or control the “pitfalls” that ruin the swing. One pitfall is the front arm. The front arm acts as an extension of the golf club. That front arm and shaft better be working

What Opens the Club Face? It Started Square

Q. I was trying to figure out what was causing me to open my club face on the downswing when I had had a nice square face during the shoulder turn. Could it be that I am starting my body rotation before the momentum of my club is complete and therefore my body is getting

To Hinge or Not to Hinge

I always knew that an active wrist hinge (traditional golf instruction), changed the club face and was not repeatable. This wrist hinge was only done in preparation to throw the club head at the ball for power. Well, you may get a little power from it, but for every action there is an opposite reaction…

No Height on Hybrids & Fairway Woods

A student asked for help because he was not getting any height on his hybrids and fairway woods. Here was my response: Hi Todd Generally the big culprit for no height on fairway woods or hybrids is incorrect ball position at setup. This is usually too far back in the stance. If the ball is

Golf Swing Elbows – The Chicken Wing (more help)

In a nutshell, a “Chicken Wing” is one of your elbows bending outwards, behind you. This can happen in either backswing or downswing. It disrupts many things. In my opinion, you could partially blame some form of the Chicken Wing, for almost every miss hit. It is that prevalent. Almost no golfers (Pros alike) use