No Height on Hybrids & Fairway Woods

A student asked for help because he was not getting any height on his hybrids and fairway woods. Here was my response:

Hi Todd
Generally the big culprit for no height on fairway woods or hybrids is incorrect ball position at setup. This is usually too far back in the stance. If the ball is played in the middle or its position is too far back in the stance :

1) …it is there because you want to use your hands to hit at the ball and that is the best position to maybe make contact.


2)… you will not be able to rotate and then MUST use your hands to save the shot or you’ll shank or block right (right handed golfer).


3)… you started with the ball in the correct position but you did not keep your weight forward (60% or more front foot) on the backswing and you moved off of the ball, essentially changing the ball position. If you do slide to the back foot on the backswing, there is a need to have to slide back and if you’re sliding, you can not be rotating …so you must use your hands to try to save the shot.

What to do:
So, what you should do is…setup with the ball position, front hip socket or even front toe… learn to rotate and not flip at the ball. At impact the shaft must be in line with the front arm and you must be rotating… if you do, the ball will easily come up, have height and go far and straight… Ross

FYI… The best way to know for sure which one or combination of the above is/are your problem(s), I need to see a couple of swing videos of you. That way we are not guessing and I can also look for other elements that will help your swing. I call this a Golf Swing Analysis.