Month: July 2011

Q & A – About Open Stance at Setup

I received this comment and question and it will help you all… I’m a new member, 66, retired and golfing just two 1/2 years. After many frustrations with video tips and personal instruction, I’m glad I discovered your site. Your no nonsense instruction is really refreshing. After just one month of practice, I’ve dropped my

Never Play the Golf Ball in the Middle of your Stance!

You Never play the golf ball in the middle of your stance!. Playing the ball in the middle of your stance, is for a golf swing that hits at the ball with hands. Not athletic, not powerful, not repeatable. Now, the reason why golfers play the ball in the middle of their stance is:

Roll to the Outside of Front Foot… A Must.

Many golfers struggle learning to turn, because they are unaware that you must allow your weight to end on the outside of your front foot… watch. [youtube]