Awesome Golf Drill – Uses Large Muscles, Keeps Hands Passive

I’ve had great results with many students using this drill. It teaches you what it feels like to keep your hands passive during the entire swing. One of my members asked me for a drill and this was my answer:

Keeping most of your weight on the front foot … take very short 30 yd. shots, thinking you will keep your arms straight with no hands, the whole swing. Use a short takeaway (being pushed from front shoulder)… then use the hips to unwind and you still want your arms straight out in front of you, when you finish at about 9:00…(kind of a 3:00 – 9:00 drill with straight arms and no hands). When finished, there should be NO FLIPPED WRISTS and NO BENT ELBOWS. Also when finished, you should have the weight on the outside of your front foot, knees touching and totally up on back toe. You will be amazed how the large muscles will take over when they know the hands are going to be passive. This uses Large Muscles keeping the hands, wrists and elbows quiet.

I’ve been meaning to add this drill to a post and I will make a video soon to back it up… Ross