Month: January 2012

Bunker Compensations

Had a student ask for tips on various bunker conditions… here are my responses: On an Uphill bunker shot you want to pre-set your weight up the hill into the front leg playing the ball on that foot. Your center is up the hill across from that foot. You do NOT want to open the

Don’t Keep Your Head Down – Turn

A golfer sent me this question in an email and I thought a few of you might be suffering from this. Q. – My biggest problem is…I just can’t keep my head down and my eyes on the ball just before striking the ball. Any hints on how to correct this problem? A. – I

Coming Over the Top – Golf

First, I don’t use this term since it does not occur using Large Muscles to control the golf swing, but I get asked how to fix this often. Here is a quick definition of how you develop this problem and how to prevent it from happening. Q: Ross, Whats the easiest way to stop coming

What is A Golf Swing?

The Golf Swing is a combination of Elements.  These elements are comprised of an Analysis of the conditions and current situation, then a Decision on the kind of shot and club needed, and a Routine to recall, remind and prepare your body to produce the shot that you’ve take before on the course or at