What is A Golf Swing?

The Golf Swing is a combination of Elements.  These elements are comprised of an Analysis of the conditions and current situation, then a Decision on the kind of shot and club needed, and a Routine to recall, remind and prepare your body to produce the shot that you’ve take before on the course or at practice.

Now each one of these elements have their own concerns.  For example, the Analysis will consider the weather, the lie of the ball, the conditions of the golf course, what the ball will do once it leaves and is in the air, and how it will react once it lands.  From those considerations, you’ll start to make decisions on shot and club and risk/reward.  The risk/reward is like gambling between different shots or strategies you might take, to minimize the number of strokes to finish the hole and protect your attitude.  An example might be, laying up in front of the green then chipping close with a 1 putt vs. trying to hit the green from the rough with a 3 wood and hope it stops and probably 2 or maybe 3 putt.

The Routine is an automatic pre-shot check list to reassure yourself that you have not overlooked something you want to do.  Visualize your shot, check key Setup concerns (grip, elbows, shaft, alignment, balance, ball position), Look at the target and Imagine* the body movements you’re about to make. Use mental Keywords to help trigger the particular movements or tempo you are working on.  Then checking your Finish position for balance or divot for feedback on path.

As a golfer you may be aware of all or very few of these elements and concerns.  Better players have learned the value of a productive routine and can rely on it in times of pressure.  The routine is “familiar” like a friend you can trust.

* Sending mental images of how your body is about to move is very powerful once you are setup and just before you start the club back.  If you send these images at this exact moment then go, there is almost no way your body can override them.  The same is with bad images.  If you see yourself topping the ball or shanking, you body will think you want that shot and reproduce it,  It is critical to visualize what you want to do.