Month: June 2011

Power & Consistency – My Dock Analogy

Restricting the lower body while turning your shoulders on the takeaway, is essential for big power. Your shoulders need something to windup against. If the lower body moves along or rotates with the takeaway, there is no potential being stored. So, it is a must

Hit Hybrids & Woods Easily off the Fairway

I think setup is one of the main reason golfers struggle with fairway woods off the ground. Here is an easy fix! The lowest point of the golf swing arc is directly below your front shoulder. So, now that you know that, we do not want to drive the golf ball down into the ground,

Swing Plane? Bad Idea

Worrying about your swing plane will not help your golf swing become more consistent. In fact it will hold you back. You can not be consistent trying to use your hands to visualize where the club and arms should travel on the backswing. REASON?… Every club and every shot lie,