Swing Plane? Bad Idea

Worrying about your swing plane will not help your golf swing become more consistent. In fact it will hold you back. You can not be consistent trying to use your hands to visualize where the club and arms should travel on the backswing. REASON?… Every club and every shot lie, has it’s own swing plane based on shaft length and the situation. This “swing plane” occurs when the SHOULDERS carry your arms and club around your spine based on your setup (and your setup is different every swing on the course).

Many, many problems with the golf swing are directly related to a non-athletic setup. If you learn to setup correctly, you can just turn your shoulders and the club and arms will travel where they need to go, but better than that, will return exactly where they started (if not disrupted by the hands).

Forget about swing plane… learn… Hold, Shoulders, Hips.