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    Anthony225 Sep 29, 2018
    In regards to bringing the elbows back down in front of the body does the correct unwinding involve bringing the right bent elbow down in front of the back hip while the left elbow (straightl comes down in front of the left hip? In other words the left elbow, right elbow, and shoulder move in one piece down to the ball and around to the left. This seems to bring the back shoulder down as well. At the start of the swing, both elbows are straight. Once the right elbow bends in the back swing does it stay bent on the way down as short of a “whole package” with the back shoulder?

    This is hard to describe. Wanted your thoughts on this before I try to groove this feeling.


    Ross Sep 29, 2018
    Yes, the back (right) elbow is still bent as it passes through impact. It will straighten out a little past impact. Also, the back elbow does not have to be straight at setup. I do think the back elbow should point back at the back hip at setup, and point again at the back hip through impact on the downswing, to help it stay close to the front elbow.


    Anthony225 Sep 29, 2018
    Thanks Ross. Another question on the same topic. When done correctly does keeping the right elbow closer to the left elbow cause the right elbow to come down in front of the right hip or should I intentionally focus on bringing the right elbow down in front of the right hip (using my hip turn of course).


    Ross Sep 30, 2018
    No, just keeping the elbows close does not automatically bring the arms/elbows back down in front. That is what the Ross Move helps with. It is very easy to leave the arms behind. Usually this happens because the arms did some lifting on their own vs. letting the shoulder turn control them. Many golfers get the arms too high or across the body and they end up stuck behind. Practice with shorter backswings to help you learn the feeling of using the body’s rotation on the downswing to bring the arms back down in front.


    Anthony225 Nov 24, 2018
    I’ve been working on really bringing the front elbow down and feeling it point at the front hip at impact. What I notice is that it feels like my upper front arm kind of attaches to my chest a little as I move through impact and bring my elbows and club around to the left. My shoulders seem to feel pretty free until just before impact and my arms drop down in front. The contact feels pretty good but I have only tried this on my golf mat and net.

    I think on another post you may have mentioned that chest/arm connection is not part of your method but I may have misunderstood that comment. Is this connection through impact an expected result or am I moving in the wrong direction with this.


    Ross Nov 25, 2018
    Without going into details… the chest/arm connection can create a stiffness, where the chest restricts or even stops the shoulders. There should always be shoulder freedom (except for a slight tightening at the very top of the backswing just before the downswing. I think you’re okay, as long as you’re unwinding (on the downswing) and not thinking that the arms/chest/hips all realign through impact (like setup)… they don’t. They’re in a dynamic unwinding movement while turning all the way to the finish. In other words, your upper front arm never “attaches”. Hope this answers your question.


    Anthony225 Apr 29, 2019
    Another question regarding the Ross Move. When the body pulls the arms down, is the correct way to have the elbows (specifically the back elbow) come straight down in front of the right hip? It should it come from right to left (swing) and pass in front of the right hip. Does this question make sense? Bringing the right elbow down towards the right hip might feel like it’s going towards the belly button. Is that the correct feeling?


    Ross Apr 29, 2019
    If you watch the Ross Move Drill (in the Practice Drills Section), I think it explains just what you’re talking about and it shows the positions slowly so you can see. I think this will answer what you’re asking. The Ross Move Drill is like the 11th drill when you scroll.


    Anthony225 Jul 20, 2019
    From my review of the Ross Move Drill I have two observations. In the beginning of the video it appears that the hips turn and pull the right elbow straight down in front of the body. I would think that this would “feel” like the right elbow is pulled toward the belt buckle (but can never really get there due to physical limitations of the human body). This actually leads to the right elbow coming down in front of the hip. Having the elbows squeezed together when this happens will also getgthe left elbow in front of the left hip.

    During the practice drill it seems that the right arm is straight so it’s harder for me to determine if the drill tells me to do the same thing as the demonstration in the first part of the video.

    My thoughts are that my conclusion from the first part of the video as described in my first paragraph is correct and I should do this and feel the club is being dragged around to the left by the hips.

    Is my thinking correct here?


    Ross Jul 20, 2019
    Hi Anthony
    First, the back elbow never straightens out completely, until after you’ve made contact with the ball. In other words, at impact, the front arm is straight, with the elbow pointing back at the front hip, and the back arm is still slightly bent. Your conclusion from the first part of the video is the most correct. There are many different parts moving at different rates and most of the movements are rotary.

    I would like to mention something that you may be thinking happens, but does not… I say at impact, the arms/club have returned back in front of the hips, but the hips are not exactly how they were at setup, they’re in the process of turning all the way to the finish. They don’t stop and wait for the arms to get back in front. So, (roughly) when the arms are back in front on the downswing, the back elbow is closer to the back hip, but the front elbow is a little farther away from the font hip, because the hips are turning and opening up to the target. This is hard to explain. I hope it helps.

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