Month: April 2011

Open and Close the Club Face – Can this be Consistent?

In a nutshell … If the face of the club opens, it has to be closed equal to the amount opened, or it won’t be square at impact. Realistically, what are the odds of this happening? Lets look at 2 variables: #1 – TIMING the open and close. – You’re at the range relaxed and

Setup vs. Impact – Not much difference

At setup, the elbows point at the hips, then as you turn thru impact, they again point at the hips (tho the hips are slightly turned unwinding). This photo shows setup, then impact during a swing… not much difference. On the downswing the arms and hands are passive and just go along for a ride

No Timing Needed with Large Muscle Controled Golf Swing

Someone made a comment on one of my YouTube Videos when I had mentioned, that if you keep a square club face and turn through the shot using Hips & Shoulders to control the golf swing, that “There is no need for timing with this golf swing”. Well, he didn’t like that. He said that

How to Hit a Solid Golf Shot

Don’t want to read? … listen This will help many of you understand the geometry of a solid shot. What?? Geometry?? Yes, solid golf shots are about angles. Trying to “Hit Down” on the ball is counter productive. Using the hands at impact ruins the golf swing*. If someone says to you, “hit down”, they