Open and Close the Club Face – Can this be Consistent?

In a nutshell … If the face of the club opens, it has to be closed equal to the amount opened, or it won’t be square at impact. Realistically, what are the odds of this happening?

Lets look at 2 variables:

#1 – TIMING the open and close.
– You’re at the range relaxed and on your backswing, you open your club face in (1) second, then on the downswing, (you are still relaxed) so you close the face in (1) second. Great… life is good. Now, you’re at Augusta, on Sunday, on #15 and a little nervous. Things speed up… now you open the club face in (1) second but, your hips get anxious and send a signal to the hands, “good by, we’re leaving you behind” … but the hands say, “no you’re not” because they know they can just “flip” to catch up… so they close the club face in (1/2) second… oops … not square at impact. Or, the opposite happens, the hands panic and hang on… and close in (1 1/2) seconds, where the club face just stays open… oops… slice. The point, You will never be consistent opening and closing the face.

#2 – The AMOUNT you open and close.
– Okay, so we are going to open and close the club face because… because? ugh? well you are supposed to right? So we hinge our wrists 20 degrees on the backswing but, our right hand takes over on the downswing and we close it 25 degrees.. cool, nice little draw. Oh yeah, we like a draw. Now we are getting tired in the round and at the top we have opened the club face 35 degrees and on the downswing can only get it back 20 degrees, so it is opened at impact… Oh, little slice. Now we don’t know what’s going on, so we start to manipulate and compensate trying to square the face… oops. Now the ball is all over the place…

– Learn to use your “Shoulders” for the backswing, keeping a Constant, Light Grip Pressure the entire swing. The wrists will hinge naturally “Square” by themselves, when they should.

– Learn to “Turn“, and the Large Muscles will take over Athletically.

Results: Ball down the middle, solid and long … have fun.

See this for How to Hinge

Setup vs. Impact – Not much difference

At setup, the elbows point at the hips, then as you turn thru impact, they again point at the hips (tho the hips are slightly turned unwinding). This photo shows setup, then impact during a swing… not much difference. On the downswing the arms and hands are passive and just go along for a ride with the body turn. Notice the hands ahead and how the shaft is bowed (not flipped). This is what automatically hits down on the ball. It naturally happens, if you turn and keep your hands quiet. Oh, one other misconception you hear is, “Clear your hips”…I disagree… you want to use your hips for power thru impact. They are turning, but have not cleared. They are helping.

No Timing Needed with Large Muscle Controled Golf Swing

Someone made a comment on one of my YouTube Videos when I had mentioned, that if you keep a square club face and turn through the shot using Hips & Shoulders to control the golf swing, that “There is no need for timing with this golf swing”. Well, he didn’t like that. He said that I was wrong that, timing is needed to time the hips and shoulders. Here was my reply:

Well, how much do you think about timing to throw a ball?? Hit a baseball?? You don’t see many people, at all levels of talent, leave their hips behind and just throw their arm when throwing a ball. This is exactly the point of all my instruction. This unwinding move is very natural. The first caveman threw a rock. He didn’t think of timing. He just stepped forward and let his body unwind his arm through and let go. Unfortunately, golfers instinctively try to hit AT the ball (with hands) and don’t think about using this natural move to hit it with their turn. That is why so many fail. If they change their approach, they’d be more successful. Most don’t realize they already have this move hard wired.

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How to Hit a Solid Golf Shot

Don’t want to read? … listen

This will help many of you understand the geometry of a solid shot. What?? Geometry?? Yes, solid golf shots are about angles.

Trying to “Hit Down” on the ball is counter productive. Using the hands at impact ruins the golf swing*. If someone says to you, “hit down”, they may not understand that, if you have the correct mechanics, working in the correct sequence, the ball is AUTOMATICALLY HIT DOWN UPON. In other words, a solid golf shot that creates a divot after the ball, happens as a “side effect” of a correct golf swing. You don’t have to try to do it, it HAPPENS when things are right. So… if you’re not experiencing this automatic, solid shot with your swing, what is wrong and how do you fix it.

Now for the angles. Your swing may be missing one or more of these essentials for a “Solid Shot”.

If you look at a great, solid golf shot at impact, this is what you’d see:
1. Shaft of club absolutely in line with the front arm with flat or bowed front wrist. (Most golfers have a bent front wrist – Flipped )
2. The shaft slightly leading the club face of the golf club. (This creates the Hit Down automatically )
3. The knees, hips, torso, and shoulders, (all 4) STILL unwinding, trapping the ball and moving it forward. (Not stopped to support throwing the club head into the ball.)
4. The head still centered at or behind the ball. (The head can easily stay still when you unwind the downswing, instead sliding **)
5. Elbows close together, in front of your body and in line with the hips. (Not back elbow behind back hip or elbows out ahead pulling the body to the finish)

Now how can you get into this powerful impact position without trying to manufacture yourself into it? Well, it is not really hard. Actually, very natural… like throwing a ball. If you learn to start your backswing winding up from top down (the shoulders first, then the hips later)… you create a lot of potential. Then on the downswing unwind from ground up (the knees, move the hips, move the shoulders as the arms and club come along for the ride – hands are passive). Again, like throwing a ball (you step forward then your knee, moves your hips, move your shoulders to throw your arm and ball)… it is the same move in golf… ATHLETIC.

* If you use your hands to hit at the ball, the body stops rotating, the radius is cut in half, the club face closes, you miss hit, you lose all the power of the whole body turn, not solid, not repeatable… the list goes on.
** If you don’t slide towards your back foot on the takeaway, you don’t have to slide back. If you learn to wind up restricting the lower body, then you can just unwind on the downswing.

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