The FRONT KNEE is the “Anchor” on the Takeaway

One of the worst golf tips, or even accepted as a “Fundamental” in the golf swing, is to actively shift your weight to the back foot on the takeaway. Ouch!! this creates so many variables, I won’t even start. Here is all you have to do get rid of that problem and you will immediately see a HUGE difference in your ball striking.

Once you are setup in balance and you sit down to the ball… look at the target and say to yourself…”When I look back at the ball, I will HOLD my front knee while I push the club STRAIGHT BACK WITH MY FRONT SHOULDER. Its that easy to eliminate the “Slide” on your takeaway while creating a ton of tork and potential. Your shoulders now have resistance to wind against because you’re not sliding! and since you don’t slide on the backswing, you don’t have to slide back on the downswing (move less… get good). Watch this to see an example . Please remember, start the downswing with the hips unwinding and leading and turning all the way to the finish. A good sign you have completed your turn, is your knees are touching and your back foot is totally up on the toe… Ross

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Going Left, Pulling – Why?

Q – When I work with your lessons, I am not sure what I’m doing wrong, but I’m getting a lot of pulls and pull hooks. Any thoughts? Thanks.

A – You may not believe it now, but that is a good thing. It means you are turning (great! what we want) but, at the same time you are allowing your hands to “Flip” the club face at the ball. Flipping the club face was your old source of power. It is not needed when you turn. It makes the ball go left because you are closing the club face when you flip. Practice with easy 40 yd shots, be totally aware of any grip pressure changes during the swing. You want “CONSTANT GRIP PRESSURE.” You want to feel that your body turn can control impact. Impact is not a moment where you need to do something, it is a continuum, meaning it is where the ball gets in the way of your turn as your body keeps rotating to the finish. The only thing that messes this up is THE HANDS, trying to help. The more you keep them passive, the more the Large Muscles take over and the more consistent you will become… please let me know how you are doing. Here is a new video I just put up that addresses this move… notice the slow motion at the end uses body roation, NOT HANDS …talk soon… Ross