Must Keep More Weight on the Front Foot to Unwind! – Golf Swing

The start of the downswing is an athletic unwinding from the ground up sequence. It is mandatory that there is more weight on the front leg to start this sequence. You can not start to unwind with more weight on the back foot. Traditional golf instruction has been sliding and loading up the back side and causing the need to recover from this problem so they created the “Bump and Turn” recovery technique that fixes the fact that you slid your weight to the back foot to start with. This all has to go! If on the backswing you maintain at least 60% of your weight on the front foot, it creates much more potential power because the shoulders can wind up against a firm lower body. Then on the downswing since your weight is already on the front foot, the small muscles in the knees can easily start to unwind the larger thigh muscles in the legs, that engage the hips to unwind the torso and shoulders. The arms & club just go along for the ride. This also fixes many miss hit shots once all the sliding is gone. When you don’t slide, you get Wind up, then Unwind … not slide and wind up, then slide back and unwind. Welcome to the middle of the club face almost every time!
Now, what generally upsets this natural, easy and athletic movement, is the impulse to hit at the ball with the hands. Learn to keep your hands passive with constant grip pressure and the Large Muscles will control your Backswing, Downswing … Golf Swing… Ross

How to Draw the Golf Ball

Had this question this morning:
Q – How do you make the ball draw from right to left as a right hand player?

A – The way I teach this, is to start with the club out in front of you… arms extended with the shaft in line with the front arm.
Now, for a normal shot, the club face leading edge, should be exactly straight up and down, but for a draw, you want to loosen up your grip and rotate the face closed a little, then re-grip. You are essentially gripping the club with a slightly closed club face. Now, just let your arms and club hang, walk over to the ball (it should be just inside your front foot) and with the your arms still hanging, use your feet to rotate your body to line up the club face (to your target) just behind the ball. Once you are lined up, just sit down. Do not adjust your feet. Your feet should already be in perfect position. This is where many golfer become disconnected and non-athletic. They arbitrarily plant their feet and force the arms and club to go by the line the feet picked instead of aligning the entire body based on the club face! Also, having the ball forward helps you turn through to face the target. You don’t have to do anything with your hands at the ball because the face is already closed a little. Start the club winding your shoulders around your spine, then start the downswing using your hips to unwind, pulling your arms/club back down in front of you as you keep turning. The ball should have a little draw on it if you have not used your hands in the backswing to open the face an are holding it open.
If the ball starts “Hooking”, it is because you flipped the club face closed with your hands, or let your arms and club pass your body rotation too soon.

… Ross