Month: February 2012

Must Keep More Weight on the Front Foot to Unwind! – Golf Swing

The start of the downswing is an athletic unwinding from the ground up sequence. It is mandatory that there is more weight on the front leg to start this sequence. You can not start to unwind with more weight on the back foot. Traditional golf instruction has been sliding and loading up the back side

How to Draw the Golf Ball

Had this question this morning: Q – How do you make the ball draw from right to left as a right hand player? A – The way I teach this, is to start with the club out in front of you… arms extended with the shaft in line with the front arm. Now, for a

Golf Swing Analysis App

Record your golf swing at the range, on the course or in the backyard using the New iPhone/iPad App Golf Swing Analysis and have your swing video analyzed by PGA Professional Ross duPlessis. Now available in the App Store.

Golf – The Chicken Wing

What is a Chicken Wing anyway? What happens? Why is it wrong? First of all, The Chicken Wing can occur on the backswing and/or the downswing. The Elbows work kind of like “Supports” under the shaft. At the top of the backswing, the back arm is folded under to support the club shaft. Then on

More Efficient Power = Distance

Power comes from Winding the shoulders first from Top Down, while resisting with the Lower Body. What I mean is… the backswing will use the shoulders to wind the arms and club around the spine, AS YOU RESIST* with the lower body. In other words, holding your lower body still while the shoulders turn first

Backspin – Why?

Another question from a student that I’m sure many of you would like to know the answer to. Q. How do I get more backspin on the ball?? Every time I get it on the green it rolls further than i want. There are a couple of ways to look at this: 1. Spin happens

The Arms & Elbows – Golf Swing

If you are not already preparing your arms and elbows like this before you setup, your swing is about to improve a lot. This question came to me this morning in an email and here is my reply: Question – How tight are your elbows pointing at each other and how tight on chest? Great

Doesn’t Matter What Grip You Use

A student emailed me to ask what kind of grip I would recommend… here is my answer: Please read all this to understand my answer to your question: “What kind of grip you use only matters with a golf swing that “hits” at the ball with the hands. The grip acts like an offset to