Month: August 2011

A Need to Maintain Spine Angle Means – You’re not Setup Athletically

At setup, you want to sit down athletically like a quarterback, not bent over, not on your toes. It’s a ready position like all other athletic sports… basketball defender, wrestler, like getting ready to jump straight up. If you learn to setup this way to the golf ball, your spine is centered and counterbalanced straight

Grip Pressure – How Much?

I had this question about grip pressure and thought it might be helpful for all of you. Q: Ross, on a scale of 1-10 what should grip pressure be? A: I would say 3 on a scale from 1-10. You want just enough to hang on, but not so much as to choke the wrists

An Athletic Golf Swing is Rotary, Not Linear

Traditional golf instruction sends mixed signals. Wind up your shoulders on the backswing (rotary), start unwinding your body on the downswing (rotary), but stop half way and throw (release) the club at the target (linear), then let your arms and club pull you in some direction to the finish, depending on how they released. Not