A Need to Maintain Spine Angle Means – You’re not Setup Athletically

At setup, you want to sit down athletically like a quarterback, not bent over, not on your toes. It’s a ready position like all other athletic sports… basketball defender, wrestler, like getting ready to jump straight up. If you learn to setup this way to the golf ball, your spine is centered and counterbalanced straight down into your body and it will maintain that angle on its own. You can actually use this natural setup to stay centered and gain a lot of confidence in the ability to return to the ball and thru to a balanced finish.

If you setup with your weight on your toes, bent over and reach out… you are in trouble. The body does not want to stay this contrived way, it will try to right itself during the swing or you will have to try to “Maintain” this awkward position to return to the ball.

Make it easy! Learn to setup in balance like an Athlete… Ross

2 thoughts on “A Need to Maintain Spine Angle Means – You’re not Setup Athletically”

  1. Great point. I now realize that I’ve set up weight towards toes with insufficient knee flex for a long time. I think this was caused by following instruction that emphasized making plenty of room to allow arms to swing freely in front of body.

    1. Yes. Many of us assumed the same thing. I remember playing a round in 1976 and had been setting up reaching out for the ball and out of balance on my toes. Then I thought, this is not right and said to myself, what I want to do is setup balanced and sitting down closer to the ball and WOW!! what a difference. I immediately struck the ball more solid, in the middle of the face and could rotate much easier and my confidence went through the roof. Needless to say, I never went back to the old setup and have been teaching it ever since… thanks for the comment Dennis…Ross

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