An Athletic Golf Swing is Rotary, Not Linear

Traditional golf instruction sends mixed signals. Wind up your shoulders on the backswing (rotary), start unwinding your body on the downswing (rotary), but stop half way and throw (release) the club at the target (linear), then let your arms and club pull you in some direction to the finish, depending on how they released. Not reliable or repeatable. This in a nut shell is why many golfers fail. These two different concepts do not work together. If you want to be linear… just stand still and use your arms and hands to hit the ball. You will much more successful. But we all know that is not powerful. Now, what is missing with traditional instruction is… you don’t need to be linear at the ball. You don’t need to release! It happens naturally when the hands are passive. Nothing has to change at impact. Just keep turning and let your body turn pull your arms, hands and club, back down in front of you, as you turn through to the finish. The ball will go straight, as long as the hands don’t try to help. You get more power and more consistency when you trap the ball with your turn. This is very repeatable and reliable!