Doesn’t Matter What Grip You Use

A student emailed me to ask what kind of grip I would recommend… here is my answer:

Please read all this to understand my answer to your question: “What kind of grip you use only matters with a golf swing that “hits” at the ball with the hands. The grip acts like an offset to make corrections for what the hands messed up on the backswing”… What you will find with my method is the Big Key is a constant Grip Pressure. Here is why.

With the slightest hint of the hands getting involved during the swing, the body will stop rotating to support a “Hit At Something” with the hands just like chopping a tree (you stop your body to throw the axe into the tree, you don’t turn and chop together).. this is why I believe my method is more Athletic. A quarterback uses his body to throw his arm through, the body unwinds to throw the arm… the arm does not pass the body rotation midway. A good baseball player hitting out of the park, does not stop his hips half way and let the arms and bat pass his turn, he hits the ball with everything while turning (the mass of the entire body hits the ball). This is the element I discovered that has been missing with traditional golf instruction, stopping and letting the arms and hands take over and wasting all the power of the body rotation and mass. Another misconception of “Clear your Hips First” also robs power and causes problems. This is a weak position, because all the potential power of the hips and core already went by and now comes the arms and club stuck behind trying to catch up (Leads to shanks and flipping to save shot).

At a higher level of my method, the hands are completely passive allowing the Large Muscles to Dominate which keeps the club face always square because there is no disruption (by the hands) during the swing. Also, there is automatic perfect hinging and unhinging that takes place when the hands don’t take over. So… use the grip you are comfortable with… keep a constant grip pressure (3 on a scale from 1-10) and learn to hit the ball with your body turn… Start with little shots using the Straight Arm Swing drill … Be aware of your grip pressure during every swing for awhile … takes practice but you will see… Ross