Open and Close the Club Face – Can this be Consistent?

In a nutshell … If the face of the club opens, it has to be closed equal to the amount opened, or it won’t be square at impact. Realistically, what are the odds of this happening?

Lets look at 2 variables:

#1 – TIMING the open and close.
– You’re at the range relaxed and on your backswing, you open your club face in (1) second, then on the downswing, (you are still relaxed) so you close the face in (1) second. Great… life is good. Now, you’re at Augusta, on Sunday, on #15 and a little nervous. Things speed up… now you open the club face in (1) second but, your hips get anxious and send a signal to the hands, “good by, we’re leaving you behind” … but the hands say, “no you’re not” because they know they can just “flip” to catch up… so they close the club face in (1/2) second… oops … not square at impact. Or, the opposite happens, the hands panic and hang on… and close in (1 1/2) seconds, where the club face just stays open… oops… slice. The point, You will never be consistent opening and closing the face.

#2 – The AMOUNT you open and close.
– Okay, so we are going to open and close the club face because… because? ugh? well you are supposed to right? So we hinge our wrists 20 degrees on the backswing but, our right hand takes over on the downswing and we close it 25 degrees.. cool, nice little draw. Oh yeah, we like a draw. Now we are getting tired in the round and at the top we have opened the club face 35 degrees and on the downswing can only get it back 20 degrees, so it is opened at impact… Oh, little slice. Now we don’t know what’s going on, so we start to manipulate and compensate trying to square the face… oops. Now the ball is all over the place…

– Learn to use your “Shoulders” for the backswing, keeping a Constant, Light Grip Pressure the entire swing. The wrists will hinge naturally “Square” by themselves, when they should.

– Learn to “Turn“, and the Large Muscles will take over Athletically.

Results: Ball down the middle, solid and long … have fun.

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