No Timing Needed with Large Muscle Controled Golf Swing

Someone made a comment on one of my YouTube Videos when I had mentioned, that if you keep a square club face and turn through the shot using Hips & Shoulders to control the golf swing, that “There is no need for timing with this golf swing”. Well, he didn’t like that. He said that I was wrong that, timing is needed to time the hips and shoulders. Here was my reply:

Well, how much do you think about timing to throw a ball?? Hit a baseball?? You don’t see many people, at all levels of talent, leave their hips behind and just throw their arm when throwing a ball. This is exactly the point of all my instruction. This unwinding move is very natural. The first caveman threw a rock. He didn’t think of timing. He just stepped forward and let his body unwind his arm through and let go. Unfortunately, golfers instinctively try to hit AT the ball (with hands) and don’t think about using this natural move to hit it with their turn. That is why so many fail. If they change their approach, they’d be more successful. Most don’t realize they already have this move hard wired.

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