Your Turn, Pulls your Elbows, Back Down in Front of your Body

On the downswing, the hips unwinding, pull the elbows back down in front of the body and the two, (hips & elbows) align just past impact as the body continues unwinding completely to face the target. What disrupts this is the urge to use the hands to hit at the ball. If you keep the hands quiet, everything returns perfectly with the shaft leading the club head for a solid shot.

If your hips unwind by themselves, they’ll leave the arms and club behind and they will get stuck behind your back hip. Then you’ll have to flip to save the shot, or you’ll block or shank it. Or, if your hips stop turning, the elbows, arms and club will pass your body turn, you’ll pull or hook.

Just start the downswing using your hips and let your unwinding pull your elbows back down in front of your hips as you keep turning.