Power & Consistency – My Dock Analogy

Restricting the lower body while turning your shoulders on the takeaway, is essential for big power. Your shoulders need something to windup against. If the lower body moves along or rotates with the takeaway, there is no potential being stored. So, it is a must that the lower body resists, at least at first, while the shoulders start.

Here is one analogy I use to help my students keep their lower body still, as the front shoulder pushes straight back on the takeaway. Imagine that your front foot is on a dock and your back foot is on a boat. What this does is, give you the feeling that if you allow more than 49% of your weight to move to the back foot, you’ll be in the water. Or at least being pulled away from the dock and no chance to return. This scenario is what happens to many golfers every swing. They allow their weight to slide to the back foot and can not recover and, they are not creating any real potential power, not being anchored. An efficient golf swing winds from top down … then, unwinds from ground up.

Moral of the story: “Keep one foot on the dock, and you’ll hit the ball a lot better.”
Move Less … Get Good!