Don’t Keep Your Head Down – Turn

A golfer sent me this question in an email and I thought a few of you might be suffering from this.
Q. – My biggest problem is…I just can’t keep my head down and my eyes on the ball just before striking the ball. Any hints on how to correct this problem?

A. – I suspect that your setup may have the ball too far back in your stance causing you to feel like you need to use your hands to hit quickly before you hit the ground, so you raise up to allow the hands and arms to pass. I can’t tell you for sure until I see your swing video but if it is, this will help. Move the ball just inside front foot. Keep 60% weight on front foot during the backswing and then just unwind to face the target. The ball will be in perfect position… but you need to turn. Most golfers end up with their weight on the back foot, then slide forward and hit at the ball with their hands. The golf swing rotates, a rotary, turning, athletic unwinding move. I don’t teach keep your head still because it stays still as a side effect of the proper movement … unwinding vs hitting with hands. So move that ball forward and turn!!… Ross