Never Play the Golf Ball in the Middle of your Stance!

You Never play the golf ball in the middle of your stance!. Playing the ball in the middle of your stance, is for a golf swing that hits at the ball with hands. Not athletic, not powerful, not repeatable. Now, the reason why golfers play the ball in the middle of their stance is:

Playing the ball in the middle makes hitting with your hands easier, since that is where the body will always stop rotating once it senses your are going to use the hands to hit at something. The body senses the hands are about to take over and so it takes a supporting roll. That means it “Braces” to support the hit. Like chopping a tree. The body will stop with the weight between both feet for the greatest support, to impact the tree using the hands to hit with. This is good for chopping a tree since you are trying to apply max force at something (the tree) but, this is not good for golf as an athletic move.

In an Athletic, Consistent, Large Muscles golf swing, you want to be accelerating all the way to the finish and the ball just gets in the way. Now, this is powerful and very repeatable! So, your goal is to learn to unwind from ground up, uninterrupted, all the way to your finish. You do this by first, moving the ball up just inside your front foot (bottom of the swing arc) so you can turn freely to the finish, while also resisting the urge to hit at the ball… just turn and keep your hands passive. This automatically creates a descending impact, because the shaft of the club is leading the club head, and since the hands are not taking over and flipping you get a very solid shot. The results are amazing… Ross