More Efficient Power = Distance

Power comes from Winding the shoulders first from Top Down, while resisting with the Lower Body. What I mean is… the backswing will use the shoulders to wind the arms and club around the spine, AS YOU RESIST* with the lower body. In other words, holding your lower body still while the shoulders turn first to get a head start. Eventually the hips are pulled over a little from the shoulder turn (the hips do not move on their own or slide at all to the back foot… if you want power you need resistance)…. Now on the downswing you unwind from ground up… start with the hips pulling the arms back down in front of the body as you keep turning. The faster you unwind, the farther the ball goes… just like throwing a ball.

The above paragraph has a lot of good stuff. Once learned, you will hit the ball very far with all clubs. There is no magic trick other than practice and repetition… Ross

*One great way to “resist”, is to keep the back knee braced inward, as your shoulders wind up on the backswing. Try to keep 60% of your weight on the front foot on the backswing. You’ll be able to return back to the ball much easier.