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    reneke Jun 06, 2016
    Dear Mr Ross,

    Could you tell us something concerning the pressure on the ground that you exercise during the swing?

    Thnx so much for helping us!



    Ross Jun 06, 2016

    Hello Rene’

    On the backswing…
    I feel like my feet are “anchored” and “hold” to the ground. The back foot is braced at an angle, generating from the “instep”*, resisting and preventing me from swaying to the back foot. The front foot feels like it’s “holding”, as if it were on a “dock” and my back foot was on a “boat” and I didn’t want to let the boat pull me away from the dock… (just the way I picture it). NOW… all that goes on (from practice), while my shoulders start the backswing and wind up.

    On the downswing…
    I feel the “feet” in harmony with the body unwind from ground up… “push off” or “push against” the ground. I really feel the back “instep” use the ground to “push” to unwind.

    Much of the downswing is automatic from the correct windup. There had been so much “potential” stored from the shoulders on the windup, the downswing just has to “let go” and I use that to kind of “push off” the ground.

    I’ve never tried to explain this before Rene’… hope it helped… Ross

    *Weight on the backswing never moves to “on top” or “to the outside” of the back foot! There is kind of a “dug in” feeling braced.


    reneke Jun 08, 2016
    Thank you Ross!

    With the “classic swing”, pro’s talk about building tension on the inner side of the trail leg during the backswing.

    Were do we feel the tension with the Ross swing? Inner side front leg + back muscles?

    Thnx and greetings!



    Ross Jun 08, 2016
    We feel tension in the same place. The instep of the back leg. That trailing leg or back leg, position once setup acts as a brace. The leg torques a bit, but the knee does not straighten up. We wind the shoulders against the “inside” of that leg.

    It is very important to not slide our weight back on top or to the outside of that leg.

    As far as the front leg… since we have at least 60% of our weight forward, we are more on top of that leg vs. it being angled and braced. Everyone has to find what is good for them. The key is to feel like the lower body is holding and resisting at first, to give the shoulders something to windup against. The reason I said “at first”, is because the shoulders do wind the lower body eventually (if needed), but we never slide towards the back leg.


    reneke Jun 09, 2016
    Thanks again for the good advice
    With your method I’m playing the best golf of my life!


    PS May y recommend the golf amateur who found this site (Ross Duplessis) to watch the videos here? They are short and clear and instruct a simple but efficient way to play golf.
    And make you for a few dollars member for the rest of your (hopefully long) life
    This is the best golf investment I have ever made!


    Anthony225 Jul 10, 2016
    I think the foot pressure description is an excellent one especially for a person like me who has always had great difficulty with being able to just turn back to the target (in any swing method). I never really found that type of detail after searches all over the web. I guess it’s hard to describe by people that it comes easily and naturally to.


    DaveF Jul 10, 2016
    At the top I feel my left knee holding my lower body in place as I torque against it, but no change in my right instep as you describe. On the downswing, I feel like i’m pushing off my left leg too, not any push from the right one. What am I doing incorrectly?
    I thought pushing off the right side in the traditional swing was because of the weight shift. Like you stated, it feels automatic when it starts from the ground up, so maybe i’m doing it but just not as conscious of it.

    The last couple of rounds I’ve started to relax and trust the swing, so I felt like I had no tension at all, like taking a chip shot, but hitting it 1-3 clubs longer!

    Thanks for clarifying.


    Ross Jul 10, 2016
    Wow Dave. That hard work and “stick with it”, is paying off.


    reneke Aug 13, 2016


    IMHO during the upswing you have to feel the torque on the inside of your trail leg (“screwing the right heel in the ground”).
    Downswing starts with pushing off on the inside of the trail foot followed by turning front hip backwards.
    Please correct me Ross if y am wrong


    Ross Aug 13, 2016
    Yes, but I don’t call the backswing, the upswing… but you’re close on the feeling of the inside of the back foot. It is across the inside of the whole foot… not just the heel. The downswing the push off (as you say) and the hips (plural) work really simultaneously. There is no separate push off… then the hips.

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