The Snow Eagle

This is just a fun post of something I thought was kind of cool.

Was the middle of winter and it looked like it might snow, but that didn’t keep us off the course. We had just teed it up on #1 when a few flakes started to fall. We didn’t care and teed off. We always walked so we started down the par 5.

As we walked it started to snow harder. We got to our shots and said, let’s just finish the hole then walk back in. So we hit our second shots. I hit a really good shot to the back of the green where I had about 20′ for eagle. Of course by now, it was really coming down as we trucked to the green to finish.

By the time we got there, the green was totally white (except the hole). Can’t stop now, I said… I’ve got an eagle putt. Well I’m sure you can guess by now what happened. I wasn’t sure how hard to hit the putt, or how the ball would react across the snow. Well, I putted and the funny thing was how the golf ball collected snow along the way, and got bigger and bigger then dropped into the hole. It had turned into a golfball-snowball.