Easy Golf Swing – Setup Elbows Wrists Shaft – Hold that Shape to the Top – Turn that Shape to the Finish

My method is very repeatable because:

– We keep 60% (or more) weight on the front foot during the backswing*.

– We setup the Elbows/Wrists/Shaft, exactly how we want to be back at impact (setup shape).

Setup Shape
Setup Shape

– We then use the shoulders, to turn that “setup shape” to the top of the backswing as we hold** the shape.

– We then unwind our body*** to rotate that shape back through perfect impact, as we continuously unwind to the finish.

Yay!! straight, solid golf shot… You can do that again and again… have fun.

My Arm Setup and Swing

I setup my arms/wrists first thing as I start my routine and am standing behind the ball looking at my target. Then, I hold that shape and let my arms hang down and use that shape as a template to setup to the ball. Using the club face as a guide, my feet move me around to align that arm setup to my target. The arms/wrists/shaft never change. Once aligned, I sit down. This will have me perfectly balanced with parallel body lines.

Now I’m setup, I then stare**** at the target and picture my 2 “Keywords” (one backswing, one downswing). My (2) Keywords are, SpineUnwind. I like to visualize my shoulders turning around my spine, then my body unwinding. Once I’ve pictured me doing these 2 words, I look back at the ball and GO… I do the 2 keywords.

Alternate Keywords:

Find what works for you. Eventually all these keywords meld into 3 concepts … SETUP, SHOULDERS, BODY. But as you are learning, you may need a few extra words.

– Shaft in line, elbows pinch, wrists fixed… Shoulders turn that shape the Top… Body turns that shape to the Finish.

– Setup Shape… Hold Shape using the Shoulders only… Turn Shape through to the finish.

– Setup Impact… Hold Impact to the Top… Turn Impact through to the Left (right hander).

– Setup… Shoulders turn… Body unwinds.

The Hands Ruin Everything

The real swing killer is usually the “Hands” throwing the club head. Learning to stop throwing the club head can be learned with a couple of easy drills I have. The “Key” is time… you must put in the time (practice) to reap the benefits. You can’t just think your way through this. Muscle memory is replaced in time and with repetitions. Maybe a couple weeks/months…everyone is different, but you will improve daily and learn a lot about discipline and commitment… You will “Know” you’ve improved and will keep these improvements. Oh, yea… and will take them to the course, only if you practice them as part of your routine…your Routine is the ONLY thing that you take to the course.

* If we maintain at least 60% of our weight on the front foot, we can rotate around our front hip socket, as fast as we need on the downswing, because we don’t have to “Fix” having swayed, slid or moved off the ball. Most golfers that slide off the ball, do it because the ball position is in the middle of their stance and that is not athletic, they can’t rotate… causes flipping, fat shots, shanks and many other issues.

** We want to maintain the relationship of the elbows/wrists/shaft so we “hold” that shape. We do not want the wrists to hinge or breakdown into a bad position… we don’t want the elbows separating or breaking down. Just hold the setup shape and turn your shoulders and when the shoulders can’t go any father, start the downswing using the body. We don’t need much backswing. The power is in the downswing unwinding and rotating.

*** Yes, unwinding the body is very powerful. It is the move many other sports use to hit Home Runs, Throw the Discus, Javelin, Footballs, Baseballs etc. The faster you turn, the farther the ball goes. It is usually the hands trying to help that ruins the body’s natural ability to rotate. If the hands take over, the body stops rotating thinking that you’re hitting at something rather than rotating through it. We “Trap Impact” with our entire body mass rotating… much more reliable than just the club head being thrown by the hands.

**** The reason I use the word stare is, I want to be looking at my target picturing what I will do, in rhythm, when my face looks back at the ball. This technique works AWESOME. It is like a mental rehearsal… as long as you are looking at the target. If you just glance at the target, then look back at the ball and try to picture what you want to do IT WON’T WORK!