Constant Arm Pressure – Golf Swing

I have mentioned many times over the years, to keep “constant” grip pressure during the entire golf swing. This concept really lets the body take control for a more repeatable swing. I’ve discovered that a certain number of golfers, will keep their grip pressure constant, but through impact, they allow their “arms” to take over trying to add speed/distance. What happens when the arms take over is, the body stops to support and help “sling” or speed up the arms. This works against what we try to do using the Large Muscles.

If the arms take over, they usually pass the body’s rotation, pulling the shots (if the face is square), or cutting the shot if the face is a bit open.

The answer, is to learn to rotate using the body’s rotation without the arms helping or taking over through impact. If you start with a short, shoulders-only backswing, then a medium paced, complete rotation to the finish… like 40 yd. shot. You can really feel if the arms take over. You want to practice this shot to the point you can rotate without any grip pressure/arm pressure change. Then, just lengthen the backswing a bit as you improve.

There is nothing wrong with having a “firm” constant grip pressure (to maintain a square face), and a squeezing of the elbows towards each other to help keep control.

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  1. I was out on the range today for the first time with your method. I like it a lot! I was having trouble in the beginning… At setup, I ended up putting the club head right on the ground behind the ball ; then turning my elbows in as suggested; then applying the grip, and then lifting the club head off the ground in readiness to begin my back swing. If I applied the grip FIRST- and elbows inward SECOND, the grip would feel “off”, and “strange,” and insecure as I turned my elbows inwards. So it was elbows first with club on the ground; then apply my grip. That seemed to work best. Comment?

    1. Any change on setup with your golf swing will (and should) feel different. The thing to think about with the arms/grip/elbows are they are just forming a “template”. We want them to work together to maintain a shape so the “shoulders” can do the work. If they do, we can rely on them to come through more often with square solid impact. As you practice you will become more and more comfortable.

      The “off the ground” or “just hovering” is all about finding “balance”. We want an athletic, ready, balanced setup. If the club is on the ground, most golfers lean a little on it or it will get stuck in the ground on the backswing. If it is just off the ground, you will center yourself. If you sit down to the ball vs. bend and reach for the ball. you’ll be more athletic and have a better chance to return back to the ball.

      Once last thing… there is no real benefit to have the club head right next to the ball. It is easier to setup with the shaft in line with the front arm if you leave a little gap. It also makes the takeaway easier. Watch my “Gap Drill” for more on that. You might also visit the forums for more info and others working on the method… Ross

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