Great Question – Real Answer

“Q” Without using the hands and wrists in hitting the ball, will there be a loss of distance compared to the traditional golf swing.

“A” Just the opposite… you get more distance and more controllable distance. This is because of there is more mass moving the ball and the club face is always square (sweet spot). Most golfers don’t realize that when they “Release” (really flip) their wrists at impact, they have cut their radius in half and the club is decelerating AND the body stops rotating for the split second the hands take over (so the body is not helping). When there is no flip, the length of the radius more than doubles because, the radius becomes the entire length of the shaft and the front arm and also connected to the core and all the body rotating… EVERYTHING MOVING THE BALL. This type of impact is very powerful and looks effortless because nothing happens at the ball; everything just continues to accelerate to the finish!… Ross