Hips Pull the Elbows Back Down in Front of the Body, as you KEEP TURNING

Don’t get left behind! That is what happens to the club and arms for many golfers that are learning to turn. They start the downswing correctly by unwinding from ground up but, the body gets ahead and leaves the arms and club trapped behind the back hip. Many times this is because they took the club inside instead of straight back. Here is a simple, powerful answer!

If you use your Hips, to Pull the Elbows Back Down in Front of the Body, as you are turning, you will be in a very powerful position and easily trap the ball, as long as you KEEP TURNING. This is powerful because all of the body is still unwinding and moving the ball together; meaning, the hands and arms are not taking over. The hands and arms remain passive, and let the large muscles control them.

Make sure you don’t cheat by trying to use your hands and arms from the top to get back down… THEY MUST BE PULLED BACK DOWN BY THE ROTATION. Please try this. You’ll be amazed at how solid and straight you’ll hit the ball…