Sit down, don’t bend

You hear me talk about an athletic setup. This position is like any other athlete who is ready (quarterback, guard in basketball, wrestler) balanced, centered with lower body ready. The easiest way to check to see if you are setup athletically is, YOU SHOULD BE ABLE TO EASILY HOVER THE CLUB SLIGHTLY OFF THE GROUND WITHOUT SHIFTING YOUR WEIGHT. In other words … if you had to shift your weight to get the club off the ground, you were not athletic and were out of balance. The easiest way to get into this natural position is, to SIT DOWN TO EACH SHOT (DO NOT BEND AT THE WAIST AND LET YOUR CHEST DROP). That “lean or reach out to the ball” bad position is Out of Balance and restricts your shoulder turn. Also, if you setup out of balance, during the swing your body will try to center itself and you will be moving all over. So, if you setup in balance, you will swing in balance with no need for correction. Next time you practice, when you are ready to go down to the ball at setup, let everything drop straight down (sit down). If you practice this, you will stay centered and balanced and your golf swing will improve a lot… and stay improved (as long as you don’t forget to check your new athletic setup each time until it becomes muscle memory).

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  1. What is the actual mechanics of “sitting down”, I understand that you ad more power and don’t need to turn too much much your body, but don’t know how to practically do it…..,

    1. Hello Eugene
      Good question. There is an athletic position that readies the body. It is when you sit down a bit and at the same time the chest moves slightly forward in a counterbalance move. This is like a quarterback sitting down to have the ball hiked to him. As his back end goes out, his chest drops forward a bit, but he never out of balance. The two body parts counter each other. His chest is still in his knees. He can effectively move in any direction once the ball is hiked to him. You also see this in baseball and basketball players that are ready to move in any direction.

      Quarterback Athletic Setup

      The reason this is important, is that the body is still completely balanced and the shoulders can turn freely. The back is not stressed or involved holding a position. Many golfers, just bend over and reach out. This activates the muscles in the lower back, to try to hold this out-of-balance position. Tiger looks like this these days and I suspect why he is having back issues. Then try to turn the shoulders… they don’t want to move much when the back has been activated.

      We just sit down and let the chest slightly move forward (still centered and balanced). The weight is flat across both feet and straight down to gravity with at least 60% on the front foot. This will enable us to rotate our shoulders on the backswing and then unwind our body on the downswing and remain centered and balanced during the entire swing. We setup in balance and can swing in balance… Ross

    2. Tennis is a sport where you see this position a lot. It is where you are positioned behind the service box and ready to receive serve from your opponent. Or when your partner is serving and you are up at net ready to poach and pick off the receivers return.

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