Sit down, don’t bend

You hear me talk about an athletic setup. This position is like any other athlete who is ready (quarterback, guard in basketball, wrestler) balanced, centered with lower body ready. The easiest way to check to see if you are setup athletically is, YOU SHOULD BE ABLE TO EASILY HOVER THE CLUB SLIGHTLY OFF THE GROUND WITHOUT SHIFTING YOUR WEIGHT. In other words … if you had to shift your weight to get the club off the ground, you were not athletic and were out of balance. The easiest way to get into this natural position is, to SIT DOWN TO EACH SHOT (DO NOT BEND AT THE WAIST AND LET YOUR CHEST DROP). That “lean or reach out to the ball” bad position is Out of Balance and restricts your shoulder turn. Also, if you setup out of balance, during the swing your body will try to center itself and you will be moving all over. So, if you setup in balance, you will swing in balance with no need for correction. Next time you practice, when you are ready to go down to the ball at setup, let everything drop straight down (sit down). If you practice this, you will stay centered and balanced and your golf swing will improve a lot… and stay improved (as long as you don’t forget to check your new athletic setup each time until it becomes muscle memory).

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