Back Hip ~ Back Toe – Work together to Drive the Turn to the Finish

I see many new students that are learning how to turn athletically through impact to the finish, keep their BACK HEEL planted as they are trying to turn. This restricts the lower body from turning and then the hands, arms and club pass the body (not good – loss of power and the ball gets pulled or hooks).

What should happen!! The back heel works together with the back hip in that, as you are unwinding your hips, the back heel must leave the ground and rotate with the back foot onto the toe. You will know if you achieved this when you are finished with your stomach facing the target and your knees touching. If your knees are apart, you didn’t release your hips completely. OR … if your knees are apart at the finish, you stopped unwinding your hips too soon and the hands and club took over and passed the body rotation. KEEP TURNING THOSE HIPS NON-STOP TO THE FINISH. The better you get at this move, the more athletic and powerful your ball striking will be.

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