Setup Essentials – Shoulders LEVEL

Another essential setup issue is, since the back hand is lower on the grip the golfer feels that it is okay to drop the back shoulder lower than the front shoulder…this is a Big Problem.  This kept me struggling for years.  Another reason golfers drop their back shoulder is, it is easier to look at the target.  This seems like a minor issue but to be consistent, level shoulders must be checked somewhere in the “Routine” and maintained during the setup.

To have an Athletic golf swing, you must setup naturally athletic without any unnatural adjustments.  Dropping the back shoulder is a VERY COMMON FAULT.  It restricts your shoulders from turning and brings the club inside.  THE SHOULDERS MUST STAY LEVEL AS YOU SIT DOWN TO THE BALL.  Sitting down helps keep the shoulders level and also keeps you Athletic, Centered and Ready.  NEVER BEND AT THE WAIST TO GO DOWN TO THE BALL.  Feel like you keep your chest in your knees not hanging out over your feet.

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