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Path of Least Resistance – Golf Backswing

I ask my students to use their shoulders to control the backswing. This means the shoulders will move the arms and club to the top of the backswing. My students ask me, where should my arms go? up what plane? to the inside? I tell them the “Path of least resistance.” I know that sounds

LEVEL SHOULDERS – I’ll bet yours aren’t!

One of the best days of my golf swing was, when I figured out I was dropping my back shoulder (a lot) at setup. I had been doing this for years and wasn’t even aware. Once I leveled my shoulders and kept them level (and parallel to my hips) as I sat down to the

Setup Essentials – Shoulders LEVEL

Another essential setup issue is, since the back hand is lower on the grip the golfer feels that it is okay to drop the back shoulder lower than the front shoulder…this is a Big Problem.  This kept me struggling for years.  Another reason golfers drop their back shoulder is, it is easier to look at the