What’s “New” about this Golf Instruction?

First, I questioned “Traditional Golf Instruction” with my own game.  I would improve one aspect of my swing and it would affect another part (trade-offs).  This is when I realized there are way too many working parts (levers) with how the golf swing is being taught.  The odds of timing all these parts was very high and the only way to have any chance for consistency was hours & hours of daily practice.  I knew there had to be a more reliable easier way.

I watched very closely (with video frame at a time) how the best golfers in the world moved when they hit really great shots… and when they missed. I noticed (like you did) how effortlessly great golf shots looked. I found that the Golf Swing has this look when it is “Athletic” and controlled by the Large Muscles (not the hands). If the “Hands” take over during the swing, all natural collective movements are disrupted and it turns into chopping wood (so to speak). Once you allow the hands to take over, the club face will point all over the place. If the hands are passive during the swing, the club face will always be square to the target and return square at the ball because it was not manipulated during the swing.

Then the REALLY cool thing was discovered… when you learn to control your Grip Pressure (hands) during the swing, something else has to hit the ball so what happened was the LARGE MUSCLES (Shoulders & Hips) TOOK OVER AND THEY ARE VERY POWERFUL AND REPEATABLE!

Then it got even BETTER. Having read “One Move to Better Golf” by Carl Lohren, who discovered (watching Ben Hogan) that the “Takeaway” started by the front shoulder pushing straight back while restricting the lower body. WOW! This was another big key. There was also mention of this move another way called the X-Factor years ago.  Which was the differential between your shoulders turning while the hips restricted.

 Traditional teaching has you shifting your weight, on the takeaway, and loading up the back side…THIS IS NOT REPEATABLE! This will keep you struggling forever. I discovered, in a powerful, repeatable golf swing, THE LOWER BODY HOLDS AS THE SHOULDERS WIND FROM TOP DOWN! like a spring. The pivot point of a pendulum can not remain a constant if it’s “Base” is moving all over the place.

 What this move does, is setup the potential for the downswing to unwind from ground up! A NATURAL ATHLETIC MOVE.  Like throwing a ball… the lower body unwinds all the way to the finish leading the arm and hand. Or the lower body “Slings” the hand through.  In the golf swing, the hips, torso and shoulders “Sling” the arms and club through.

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