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Bump? or Not to Bump?

I received an Email from one of my students: Do I need to bump the hips to the left before I turn them, or do I just turn them after I have completed my backswing?  RegardsEddie Hi Eddie  If you were able to maintain at least 60% of your weight forward, you will be able

Isometric Impact Drill

I created a drill to “imprint” impact into muscle memory. I call it the “Isometric Impact Drill”. The key to incorporate this memory, is to repeatedly setup with a golf club head up against something stationary like a door jamb or to the side at the bottom of some stairs… some place that is solid,

No Hit at the Ball

An ideal golf shot has no distinguishable change at the ball, meaning no “hit” at, or “chop” at, like an axe into a tree. There should be no change other that a predetermined* continued acceleration to the finish. Now, this does not mean you can’t hit the ball various distances with the same club. Absolutely

Fixed Wrist Drill – Square Club Face & Correct Shaft Angle

This little drill will fix so many problems related to opening, closing, hinging and flipping the club head during the golf swing. This video assumes you already know the DUPLESSISGOLF setup*. * If you are unsure about how to setup (precursor for doing this drill), please click here… Ross