Trust Your Turn to Hit the Ball

The more you can gain an awareness of your grip pressure during the swing, the better. I remember practicing for hours to be totally aware of my grip pressure and NOT LETTING IT CHANGE during the ENTIRE swing. This is hard to do at first but, with a little practice, will change your golf swing FOREVER! It really sounds easy to do until you try it. It takes practice. Now the result here is… “So I am aware of my grip pressure and I am concentrating on NOT letting it change during the swing”.. and guess what the side effect is…LARGE MUSCLES (Shoulders & Hips) AUTOMATICALLY TAKE OVER TO PRODUCE A NATURAL, POWERFUL, ATHLETIC TURN MOVEMENT. When the hands do not take over to hit at the ball, the body turn can do the job easily and it is repeatable.

Something has to move the ball forward. In the past it was start the downswing with a slide forward with a little turn, then stop the body rotation half way and let the hands take over mid-swing… cutting your radius in half with a weak flip… closing the club face and sending the ball dead left… or if you took the club far enough inside or…played the ball back in the middle of your stance, it could offset the miss-hit enough to send the ball straight. This golf swing has Never been reliable, powerful or consistent.

Once you get the ball position just inside your front foot, let your shoulders start the takeaway first while restricting with your lower body (no slide), then later in the takeaway, allow your hips to slightly be pulled over into place by the shoulder wind up, you will have a perfectly sequenced backswing, with complete continuity and tork, to allow the HIPS to start the downswing and unwind everything to the finish… THERE IS NO THINKING AT ALL ON THE DOWNSWING…JUST TURN…ALL THE WAY. You do NOT have to hit the ball… The ball just gets in the way of the turn…no grip pressure change…JUST COMMIT TO YOUR TURN.

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  1. I am 67 years old and started playing golf at age 14. My game as come and gone through the years.

    I was told years ago that the big muscles move slowly , but they are powerful. My “hit impulse” destroys my swing…………….anything might happen……………duck hook, push, slice, top, shank, etc.

    Please help me better understand the turn.What are some swing thoughts that will help me build muscle memory.

    1. Hi Drew
      You have 4 options for information about Large Muscles, my method, and the golf swing. I have been writing in my Blog for many years (you can get many ideas here). I have over 30 videos on YouTube. You can read the many questions and answers at the Forums. You can also become a Member and access all the Lesson Videos here at DUPLESSISGOLF. Many of my students, send me swing videos and I help direct them to specific drills that will help their issues.

      As far as understanding the turn… in a thought… it is just like throwing a ball. The body unwinds completely to throw the arm through, as you let go. We use the body’s rotation to bring the arms/club back down, moving the ball, and continuing around to the finish. We don’t hit at the ball.

      The large muscles take control, when you practice many repetitions without throwing the club head at the ball. You start with short little swings and learn to turn. I have many drills to help students learn this. The ones that put in the time, reap the benefits. There is no quick trick to muscle memory. Time & Effort is how to get there. Essentially, you practice using your body (keeping the wrists in perfect impact position) vs. using your hands. It does take time to break any habit, but it is doable with practice.

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