Never "Chip" again, and become much more CONSISTENT

First, I know I have a video on YouTube with almost 300K views on Great Chipping but, I haven’t taught any of my students to chip for at least 5 years. Don’t get me wrong, chipping isn’t bad, it’s just that Pitching, or engaging the hips on the downswing, is MUCH MORE RELIABLE. It is much easier to keep the handle of the club, leading the club face through impact when you are turning. Also, it is the ONLY RELIABLE WAY TO GET THROUGH THICK ROUGH WITH A BURIED LIE. Learning to keep your hands out of all shots around the green will lower your score!

I really mean it. Pitching or at least engaging the hips to unwind the downswing (No matter how close) is much more reliable than chipping. Chipping, or using only the shoulders (or worse, the hands too) to execute short shots around the green, can easily lead to skulled shots (leading edge, of the club face hits center of ball sending it across the green) or flipped shots (club slides under the ball and sticks in the grass or passes the ball creating a weak short shot).

Learn to use use the front shoulder to push the club straight back while restricting the lower body… THEN, start the downswing with hips first unwinding and leading all the way to the finish. It’s like throwing a ball. This uses the Large Muscles to control the arms, hands and club. You would never throw a ball with out using your hips to unwind. Even if you throw it very short, the hips will always engage to throw the arm through. But, that is exactly what golfers try to do when they chip. They let their arms and club pass their center without using their hips and that is when things can go bad.

One more thing. You can hit the ball high, land very soft, run the ball, stop on a dime, anticipate the speed better and hit your line every time, once you learn this technique… because, the hands are not involved so THE FACE IS ALWAYS PERFECTLY SQUARE AND YOU ALWAYS HIT THE SWEET SPOT.

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  1. Hi Ross, I find that I start to feel uneasy about the short shots just off the green where an actual “swing” of the club is not required. I think I subconciously fear that my hands and wrists can’t be trusted to remain passive and will instinctively sneak into the act and ruin the shot. To alleviate this, I’ve found that using a putting grip and stroke on a mid iron is a reliable way (for me ) to get the ball up and over the fringe and rolling on the green. Do you see any merit in this? What might be the pitfalls to guard against ? ………….Ralph

    1. First, Ralph… thank you for your support and confidence. I know, if you work on the techniques I am talking about and showing (in the videos) that you will have your grip pressure constant through out the entire swing. That is when you will really start playing. It just takes an awareness at first, then just sticking to a routine (I will help you with), that will log some time for muscle memory to take over. You must put in a little time following the same routine over and over. Let me find just the right video for you (or I will make one) to show you how to think, to keep your hands passive. I will get back soon… thanks again… Ross

    2. Ralph, I though it would be very helpful to me if I can see a video of you around the green. Then I could dial in specifically on the issue. I know you like that mid-iron reliability, but you are giving up a lot not using SW. Can you take a couple of shots with both the mid-iron and a SW and email them to me at I want to see what goes on mostly with the SW… Ross

  2. Hey Ross,
    Thanks! I think this makes sense. Certainly whenever I get my arms involved more than my hips it ends in disaster. Do you have any exercises that I can do to practice this?

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