The Front Shoulder – Where It All Starts

For a Large Muscles controlled golf swing, you start by using the Front Shoulder to push the arms and club to the top of the backswing. Your shoulders wind up around your spine and because of a slight tilt at setup, this wind up pushes your arms and club up to the top of your backswing. Also, as your shoulders turn on the takeaway, your arms stay if front of your body (so to speak) or at least in front of your shoulders. This is where many golfers get into trouble by letting their arms take over and move on their own (pulling the club to the inside or lifting). The more the arms can stay in front of the shoulders/body, the easier it is to return in back in front of the body at impact.

What about the hips? Once the shoulders have wound up as far as they can go, the shoulder turn, will also turn the hips over too a little. The hips do not move on their own. They are wound up via the shoulder turn.

* Hint: The front shoulder does not push “Down”. The front shoulder feels like it moves straight back, but it is actually moving in front of you as the back shoulder moves behind you. This move winds 90 degrees around your spine, on the tilt angle you setup with.