Pull The Handle With Your Body Turn

Using the hands to hit at the golf ball causes many problems. Learning to allow the Large Muscles to take control of your golf swing, fixes many of these problems. So how can we stop flipping and using our hands?

I have learned through my own swing and teaching, that the more you can keep the hands passive during the swing, the more these Large Muscles can do their job. Just telling yourself to “Keep your hands passive” does not get the job done for everyone. Here is a “What to Do” thought that focuses on other muscles, and the side effect, is the hands stay passive.

Pull The Handle With Your Body Turn * gives a visualization that focuses away from the hands flipping the club head. It is more a sense of DRAGGING THE HANDLE with your body rotation all the way to the finish. This downswing thought keeps the shaft in line with the front arm through impact and helps keep your hands passive for a solid, trapped golf shot.

Start with short 50 yd. shots to learn this, then lengthen. If you start flipping, back off to a shorter shot to get the feeling back… Ross

* Be careful not to spin out with your body turn and leave the “Handle” trapped behind your turn. Let your body turn, pull the Handle back down in front of you as you turn.