The Ball Just Gets in the Way As You Turn

This concept gives the feeling of a “continuous” movement through impact! This is what we want. Nothing happens at the ball. The ball just gets picked up as the body turns. This is where the hands want to take over and do something. Impact is quiet. Impact is Continuous. Impact is not a spot you hit at, it has length. The arms and club are being drug along by the body rotation. This is the moment we focus on, we practice on, we must have “Passive Hands & Passive Arms”. The whole body is working equally and together through impact. The shaft is up the arm, the shaft is leading the club face, the body is committed, turning and accelerating, pulling the arms and club in front of the body with the whole body mass. The ball just gets in the way and is brought along.

This concept is dynamic and athletic. You don’t do it, it happens (like throwing a ball) smoothly and naturally. If you let the Large Muscles take control and practice letting them take control, you will experience this awesome feeling and hit the ball straight and long. Letting go of doing something at the ball takes practice. Those that put in the time, reap the benefits. You can’t think your way past practice and repetitions for lasting change… Ross

2 thoughts on “The Ball Just Gets in the Way As You Turn”

  1. Ross,

    If I feel my the upper half of my left arm separate from my body, then I should assume I’m still throwing the club and not pulling it through the swing … correct?

    I’m afraid outdoor ball striking here in northeast South Dakota is about over. Hope to do halfswings and work on turns in my humble home.


    1. If you are talking about the downswing, yes. You should feel the shoulders push the arms back and up around your spine… then the body unwinding just pull your arms and club back down in front of your body and around as you body turn just keeps unwinding. If the arms are truly being controlled, they should just retrace pretty much the original path.

      One drill that I use, is to just set your hands at setup… keep them exactly like setup back and through using only the shoulders and body rotation to hit shots (short shots at first). When done, your hands should be exactly the same as setup… helps teach you to keep your hands passive and use the Large Muscles… Ross

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