Constant Arm Pressure – Golf Swing

I have mentioned many times over the years, to keep “constant” grip pressure during the entire golf swing. This concept really lets the body take control for a more repeatable swing. I’ve discovered that a certain number of golfers, will keep their grip pressure constant, but through impact, they allow their “arms” to take over trying to add speed/distance. What happens when the arms take over is, the body stops to support and help “sling” or speed up the arms. This works against what we try to do using the Large Muscles.

If the arms take over, they usually pass the body’s rotation, pulling the shots (if the face is square), or cutting the shot if the face is a bit open.

The answer, is to learn to rotate using the body’s rotation without the arms helping or taking over through impact. If you start with a short, shoulders-only backswing, then a medium paced, complete rotation to the finish… like 40 yd. shot. You can really feel if the arms take over. You want to practice this shot to the point you can rotate without any grip pressure/arm pressure change. Then, just lengthen the backswing a bit as you improve.

There is nothing wrong with having a “firm” constant grip pressure (to maintain a square face), and a squeezing of the elbows towards each other to help keep control.

Control the Front Arm for a Consistent Golf Swing

The golf swing is moving so fast, there is no time to “fix” something during the swing. My method looks to remove or control the “pitfalls” that ruin the swing. One pitfall is the front arm.

The front arm acts as an extension of the golf club. That front arm and shaft better be working as one line at impact or we’re in trouble. Let’s see how we get into trouble.

The front arm can lift up, down, out, in and roll. It can bend at the elbow. It can bend at the wrist (in many directions). And the worst pitfall, it can take over and move the club on its own. Wow, no wonder we have problems.

The good news, all of these pitfalls can be controlled! We just have to activate certain muscles in the front arm, to take back control and maintain the shape we need, for a consistent golf swing.

My method starts with the elbows close together and pointing back at the hips. I do this because it keeps the arms “in check” and working with the body rotation. In check means, they are connected or in-tune with the body’s motion. The body controls the arms.

Now, one muscle or “attached” feeling that can help all this work, is to have the upper inside of the front arm, slightly connected to your side. Setting up with the elbows close together usually creates this, but if you have trouble with that, just feeling like the upper inside of the front arm is attached or connected to your side, can help too. This only works if you’ve got that elbow pointing back at the front hip. If the front elbow points out towards the target, it can chicken wing or bend and will disconnect.

Some golf instructors like to use a head cover placed in the front arm pit and held, to feel this connection. You can experiment with this too.

The Big Key for all this to work, is the body must keep rotating and accelerating all the way to the finish. This “upper arm” idea is just a way to control the front arm from taking over or the arms in general from taking over through impact. Give it a try.

What Opens the Club Face? It Started Square

Q. I was trying to figure out what was causing me to open my club face on the downswing when I had had a nice square face during the shoulder turn. Could it be that I am starting my body rotation before the momentum of my club is complete and therefore my body is getting ahead of my arms and hands and causing the club face to open?

A. Yes!.. Sometimes you get thin or open face, because the arms (usually the back elbow) gets stuck behind the back hip, because the hips are rotating before the elbows have returned back in front. You also may have a bit of an arm or hand lift right at the top of the backswing.

The Help:
Shorten the backswing to only using the shoulders… when they’re done, start the downswing and visualize your body rotation bringing the arms back in front, as you continue all the way to the finish*. The body leads, but can’t race away, must bring arms/club along. I will make many references to this in the new videos I plan on making this Spring. The video below does not make reference to an open club face, but will be very helpful… Watch this:

*Traditional golf instruction has you clear your hips first (huge power loss) then, to fix the face being WIDE OPEN, release (roll your hands) quickly and hope you time squaring the face… when all you had to do was just use your body rotation to bring the arms/club back in front, and USE the hips/body’s rotation, as a big power source.