To Hinge or Not to Hinge

I always knew that an active wrist hinge (traditional golf instruction), changed the club face and was not repeatable. This wrist hinge was only done in preparation to throw the club head at the ball for power. Well, you may get a little power from it, but for every action there is an opposite reaction…

No Height on Hybrids & Fairway Woods

A student asked for help because he was not getting any height on his hybrids and fairway woods. Here was my response: Hi Todd Generally the big culprit for no height on fairway woods or hybrids is incorrect ball position at setup. This is usually too far back in the stance. If the ball is

Golf Swing Elbows – The Chicken Wing (more help)

In a nutshell, a “Chicken Wing” is one of your elbows bending outwards, behind you. This can happen in either backswing or downswing. It disrupts many things. In my opinion, you could partially blame some form of the Chicken Wing, for almost every miss hit. It is that prevalent. Almost no golfers (Pros alike) use

Path of Least Resistance – Golf Backswing

I ask my students to use their shoulders to control the backswing. This means the shoulders will move the arms and club to the top of the backswing. My students ask me, where should my arms go? up what plane? to the inside? I tell them the “Path of least resistance.” I know that sounds

Changing Your Golf Swing

Changing your golf swing is like changing the path you take to a particular room in your house. Your current golf swing has a routine that starts in room 1, goes to room 2, then 3 and finally in room 4 you take your swing. When you follow this routine or path, you are in

Constant Elbows Pressure & The Fixed Triangle

Constant Elbows Pressure – If you’ve been following me for a while, you know that I mention constant grip pressure or passive hands a lot. It is crucial if we want the Large Muscles to dominate, that the grip pressure remains constant so the hands do not take over. It is also equally important for

Trapping Impact

This video shows with my method, how the body rotation, not the hands, traps the ball. At impact, everything is moving the ball, not just the club head. The ball is being moved by the turn. [vimeo 65317080 w=500 h=281]

Elbows – Big Key to Consistency in the Golf Swing

The elbows in the golf swing are critical. You must keep them working towards each other during the entire swing. If you allow the elbows to come apart, many different problems can arise. One common problem when the elbows separate on the backswing, is having your back elbow trapped behind your hip rotation on the

Golf is Easy, Right? – Line & Distance

Okay, you don’t agree yet, but it can be. Playing golf is really just like “Connect the Dots.” You go from here to there, to over there, putt it in the hole and you’re done. “Give me a 3” Let’s say your game is not like that yet. Well, then what happens with your game?