Effortless, Balanced Complete Finish – Gives you the Answer

… now for the “Question” … “Am I using the “Large Muscles” correctly and completely or do I still need some work?” The answer lies in your Finish.

I have watched tens of thousands of swings teaching over the years. I can tell you how someone will finish before they swing (by their setup). But the one thing almost every golfer does the moment the ball leaves the club face is… STARE AT THE BALL AND FOLLOW IT AND NOT PAY MUCH ATTENTION TO WHAT THEIR BODY IS DOING AT THAT POINT. Most golfers can not hold their finish and are stepping back or in another direction as to not fall. Even many pros fall back with a reverse pivot from letting their hands take over during the swing.

Now the real solid ball strikers look like they could stand all day in their finish. That is because they’re using Large Muscles to unwind from ground up. Steve Stricker is a great example of this. When he is finished, he is Balanced on his front leg, knees touching, completely up on his back toe, facing the target. He is not falling back or bending right or left to stay balanced.

Don’t be mislead by comments about over swinging making you fall or swing easy, it has NOTHING TO DO WITH SWING EASY. It is swing correctly. Tiger can swing out of his shoes and still be balanced when he’s done, because he unwinds from ground up (when he is swinging well). Now Phil is a perfect example of someone who, when he unwinds and turns (in stead of throwing his hands) finishes balanced and is in control, but watch him on his bad ball striking days, he falls back because his hands took over. Learning to keep you hands passive or constant during the swing will allow the Large Muscles to take control of the swing for very consistent direction and distance. When you don’t manipulate the club face (with the hands) the face is always square and returns square and golf is fun.

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