When In Doubt, Shorten Your Backswing To Stay Connected

Most golf swing problems are the hands and arms ruining the backswing. You then try to recover by “doing things” during the downswing to fix it. My method uses the Large Muscles to control the hands and arms so we can be consistent. This one simple thought will help you… if you start struggling, SHORTEN YOUR BACKSWING TO STAY CONNECTED.

I call it your safety net… your fall back. The easiest way to get your golf swing back immediately is to shorten the backswing so everything has a chance to gel on the downswing.

Use this drill for warmup every time you hit balls. Start with 30 yd. shots and then lengthen little by little. If you start to lose it, shorten your backswing. Straight Arm Drill

2 thoughts on “When In Doubt, Shorten Your Backswing To Stay Connected”

  1. Only the pros should lengthen their backswings… Most weekend warriors should shorten their swing.

    1. Or at least practice the fine art of “Fallback”. I define fallback as, a shorter shoulder turn on the backswing, but always a complete rotation to the finish. If you practice with a shorter backswing, it becomes familiar and you can use it to get back on track. This is also an ideal way to warm up. Start with short backswings and turn through. Then slowly as you warm up, lengthen the backswing until there are diminishing returns… then “Fallback” until you’re comfortable.

      Once last tip… the speed of your rotation through impact, makes big differences on distance and ball flight. “Hint”: Just because you turn through a little faster, does not mean you can start using your hands to help. Constant Grip Pressure Always!! … Ross

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