Simulate this Move and Decide for Yourself

Setup like you are addressing and imaginary ball, with your back foot about 3′ from a wall. Now, imagine you are in the middle of the downswing just at impact. Also, imagine there is an elastic band attached from your hands to the wall you are pulling on. If you just use your hands to pull on the elastic band, you will get “X” feedback about how powerful that is (old traditional release the club technique). Now, imagine you are pulling the elastic band by turning or rotating at impact. Your whole body is pulling the band equally and together. This is what using Large Muscles and not just the hands feels like at impact. You have the “Mass” of your entire body and the “Speed” of your body rotation moving the ball. Plus, your radius is twice as long and the face stays square. Much more combined power. Much more reliability. Takes some practice to get the hands from taking over, but this technique is much more consistent once learned. I will shoot a video on this soon to demonstrate.

You could also setup with a club in a door way and simulate impact with a body rotation pushing at impact using your entire body for the same effect.

2 thoughts on “Simulate this Move and Decide for Yourself”

  1. I noticed something while doing the indoor impact drill – there’s a right and a wrong way of starting down with the hips. When I wasn’t focused I fell into a quick, jerky turn of the hips that actually got the club head moving too fast too soon. Like the clubhead was being yanked down. So I tried to gradually accelerate the hip speed; that allowed me to maintain constant grip pressure in BOTH HANDS (this seems key) and keep my hands moving ahead of the club.

    1. Yes that is good, but I don’t want you to feel like you couldn’t turn hard or fast through impact. Lately I have been telling my students to feel like they are pulling their elbows back down using the hips. In other words, use you hips unwinding to pull your elbows back down in front of the hips as you keep turning. As long as the elbows are back in front of your body, you can turn as fast as you like. You don’t ever want to feel like the arms or elbows start down from the top on their own… they are pulled down by unwinding via the hips… Ross

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