Setup Essentials – Hips & Shoulders Naturally Parallel

If there is one essential setup item to check each time it is that your HIPS AND SHOULDERS ARE PARALLEL.  Almost always, Pros and Amateurs alike, the shoulders are closed to the hips and toe line.  Sometimes open but rarely exactly parallel.  Very few golfers have discovered how very important this is.

If you learn to come into the ball with your shoulders and hips parallel and USE YOUR FEET to align to your target keeping the integrity of the relationship of the shoulders and hips parallel WOW!  it is so easy to turn through and hit shot after shot with no need for any compensation.

This usually breaks down a bunch on shorter shots where golfers like to move the ball back in a fake descending position (because they flip through impact and this saves the shot)… and have their feet open and closed shoulders.  Now they have to engage the hands to fix impact and as their shoulders are out of alignment and they have to change the face through impact because the shoulders will naturally align back with the hips and the shot would be pulled (SO MANY COMPENSATIONS)… when all they had to do with square hips & shoulders is keep the ball just inside the front foot and TURN.  The ball will always be hit solid (when hands are passive) and always go where you want and react the way you visualize.

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