Keep Front Sided Glued While Shoulders Wind Up

Learning to use the Large Muscles Athletically can be a little tough at first if you don’t immediately break movements that will send signals to your brain, that you are just doing your old golf swing. One of the biggest culprits is “Sliding” or allowing yourself to shift weight to the back leg (sliding must go).

My method sets up with 60% of the weight already on the front leg and it will stay there and increase to the finish. The reason is … we are simulating IMPACT at setup and a powerful, athletic, unwinding golf swing, must have more weight on the front leg so the body can immediately unwind and turn. If we allow our body to slide to the back foot, most get stuck there and can’t start the downswing athletically (hips unwinding on the front leg) because too much weight is on the back leg. Then they have to slide right back where they were at the start anyway and then try to turn.

Learning to feel what it is like to keep your weight on the front leg, while using your shoulders to wind up against a resisting lower body, is KEY to trusting my method and seeing and feeling amazing results.

You want to feel like your front side is glued to a wall as you push the arms and club straight back using your front shoulder. You want the backswing to be controlled by the shoulders only (no lifting or hands). Then on the downswing, since you haven’t moved off the ball, you can easily start with the hips unwinding because your weight is already on the front foot.

This is a drill I use with my students called Front Foot Drill. Here is the link Front Foot Drill